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I was over at a friend's house and he asked what I had been up to, and it's always hard to answer that question... there's just a lot of things happening at once.

I have been wanting to make some sort of project organizer for a while, but I just hadn't got around to it.  I had just finished my first Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition, which was the biggest thing on my mind at the moment.. but I had also recently ordered some parts from Shapeways (my first time having something I designed 3D printed) but I'm still waiting on the parts to arrive.  Totally spaced the shapeways project.

Plus, I don't really feel that comfortable talking about my projects.  I get self conscious and afraid that people will become bored, jealous or I don't explain things well enough and just become confused.

So, now I can just easily login, create a project and post updates whenever I need for each one.  Since I'm working on more than one thing, I might be really active with one project until I have to wait on an mail order... then I'd switch over to something else and that might take the front seat for a long time.

I put a tag system in too, so each posting within each project can be tagged and, say, all posts about PCB stuff can be viewed by looking at the #oshpark or #pcb tag.

I also have a backup system in place where everyday (a cron job) the database gets dumped to a BSON file and sent over to another server... so hopefully I won't lose anything.

I might open source it, right now the login system is hardcoded, so there is only one login and I just calculated my password hash from the commandline (bcrypt).  I might try and show other people the system once I get some more projects going.