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And here are the results:

Coolness 52%
#300 Humor 2.79
#522 Audio 2.76
#699 Fun 2.88
#727 Graphics 2.85
#868 Overall 2.89
#922 Mood 2.54
#1013 Innovation 2.46
#1156 Theme 1.92

Seems like people thought it was funny, which is cool.  Next LD I'll do better!  I'll start with BGE hehe, I actually really like it, but some people seemed impressed with someone actually making a game with BGE:

Wait you actually built this in BGE, awesome, I like the graphics and the scary music, keep it up! :D

I guess it's just sort of rare, people mainly use Blender for making models, but there are so many uses it's an awesome peice of software.  I'd like to try to do some more compositing sometime.

#ld30 #ludum dare