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What to do next?


So, I'm about to head out and do some errands, but as I'm waiting for my old man to get his shoes on I thought I'd write out a little post.

I'd like to put the "last updated" date on the front page on the project, then maybe when you mouse over it shows the "created" date, or just have them side by side for the time being, then add the fancy mouseover stuff later.

After that... I think I'll... maybe I should have a way to easily link non-picture links to files uploaded in a project blog post, well! Nevermind that seems to be working good already, see.  It's been a while since I've touched this code!

Hmm.  There are a few TODOs sprinkled throughout the code, and there are some things that could be done BETTER.

Dang he's taking a long time, maybe I should get working on something. It's like this balance between having enough time for un-interupted work and being ready to go/help when needed.  AND then I have to also hit the work when my brain is functioning, which is pretty rarely :(

I'm feeling pretty good right now though, I thank N-Acetyl Semax, great pepper-upper.

OK, I think I found some more stuff to do, the new project page is borked: