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What to do next?


So, I'm about to head out and do some errands, but as I'm waiting for my old man to get his shoes on I thought I'd write out a little post.

I'd like to put the "last updated" date on the front page on the project, then maybe when you mouse over it shows the "created" date, or just have them side by side for the time being, then add the fancy mouseover stuff later.

After that... I think I'll... maybe I should have a way to easily link non-picture links to files uploaded in a project blog post, well! Nevermind that seems to be working good already, see.  It's been a while since I've touched this code!

Hmm.  There are a few TODOs sprinkled throughout the code, and there are some things that could be done BETTER.

Dang he's taking a long time, maybe I should get working on something. It's like this balance between having enough time for un-interupted work and being ready to go/help when needed.  AND then I have to also hit the work when my brain is functioning, which is pretty rarely :(

I'm feeling pretty good right now though, I thank N-Acetyl Semax, great pepper-upper.

OK, I think I found some more stuff to do, the new project page is borked:


Testing thumbnail images in a brand new post


Looks good! This will make posting so much more enjoyable.  Now I just need to make it so when I upload pictures it shows when the thumbnail is generated so I can go back to writing the post without randomly waiting around and hoping the software is finished processing the image.

Testing thumbnail images in project posts


I wanted this blog to be able to accept uploads for a project, then create 320px wide thumbnails for the posts that would then link to the full resolution uploaded picture.

It seems to work locally, but when I do it here on the server  it's not working the same.

Hey it works now! :) :) laugh

Stagnating project, oh no!


This project blog has turned into one of my stagnating projects.

I'm thinking of starting work on it again, I'd like to use it's base software in order to have a simple store.

I signed up with stripe.com today, so I'll probably give that a try as a payment processor first.

The problem I was fixing on this before I quit was listing all files in a project that can be linked to in a post, like the thumbnails that I can put in a post, I can upload but the file list isn't displaying right.

Anyway, thought I'd at least make a post here.  I've been focusing a lot of learning about stocks/options/technical trading.  I've also been setting up my Shapeways 3D printing shop.

New Features


Today I fancied up the CSS (see those round thumbnails?! The box-shadow... the CSS animations!?!)

But the main thing was finally getting jrac working and the backend code working to resize/crop (with ImageMagick) an uploaded image to get it ready to be the project thumbnail.  Cool!

I'm also working on an way to upload and manage files in each project, then be able to use those files in posts, sort of like how instructables does it.

#css #jrac



I was over at a friend's house and he asked what I had been up to, and it's always hard to answer that question... there's just a lot of things happening at once.

I have been wanting to make some sort of project organizer for a while, but I just hadn't got around to it.  I had just finished my first Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition, which was the biggest thing on my mind at the moment.. but I had also recently ordered some parts from Shapeways (my first time having something I designed 3D printed) but I'm still waiting on the parts to arrive.  Totally spaced the shapeways project.

Plus, I don't really feel that comfortable talking about my projects.  I get self conscious and afraid that people will become bored, jealous or I don't explain things well enough and just become confused.

So, now I can just easily login, create a project and post updates whenever I need for each one.  Since I'm working on more than one thing, I might be really active with one project until I have to wait on an mail order... then I'd switch over to something else and that might take the front seat for a long time.

I put a tag system in too, so each posting within each project can be tagged and, say, all posts about PCB stuff can be viewed by looking at the #oshpark or #pcb tag.

I also have a backup system in place where everyday (a cron job) the database gets dumped to a BSON file and sent over to another server... so hopefully I won't lose anything.

I might open source it, right now the login system is hardcoded, so there is only one login and I just calculated my password hash from the commandline (bcrypt).  I might try and show other people the system once I get some more projects going.


The Stack


On the backend I used:


#node.js #mongodb