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Shapeways 3D Printing, Jewelry and Shop

Project Wonderful Ads


So I made a couple ads for the shop, the skyscraper was put together today.

Right now I'm winning bids for the ad to be placed on the hermetic underground (if you scroll down halfway it'll be on the right if I'm winning the bid).

New photos


#shapeways #3dprinting #jewelry #pendants

Shapeways store


This is how my shop looks now, (actual shop) I'm waiting on my first prints of the bacteriophage pendant.

I just signed up for facebook recently so I could make a brand page: https://www.facebook.com/mindsforge

I re-worked the mushroom earcuff today and re-uploaded.  I need to break out the lightbox and take some more pictuers when the pendants arrive, I should actually get some pictures of the ear cuff right now since I might get promoted in a beta testing newsletter for shapeways.

OH! And I just got my first order (plastic apple of discord) from someone I didn't know! Pretty exciting.

Wish me luck :)

#ecommerce #shapeways