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Mead Brew

Hadda cuppa mead last night


The mead was good.  Did the trick.  Bought some sparkling lemonade from Sprout's because the bottles were great for the final bottling process.  I racked the bottles a couple weeks ago

Met a fellow brewer last night


And me being a noob learned a few things.  Like what's needed for racking the brew (I ordered the J-pipe and tubing this morning)...

I sort of want to start some more brews to be honest...

He gave me a couple Carlo Rossi jugs, so I'll have a couple jugs to which I can rack the mead when the time comes.  They are currently bubbling about 1 time every 2 seconds 0.5hz right?

I want to brew another ginger beer, or maybe a cider with ginger in it.  Apple ginger cider. Yes.


Mead Vines!


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