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LD30: Demon Baby Hall Defense
My first Ludum Dare

#ld30 #ld48 #blender #bge


My First Ludum Dare


Here's a link to my game page on the LD site.

Here's the links to the game:

Linux runtime (7zip, 64.4MB) | Windows runtime (zip, 42.1MB) | Blend File (3.7MB)

I guess there's issues with the runtime exports sometimes?

I started the 48 hours sort of upset that the topic wasn't "Alchemy", but got to thinking about the theme "Connected Worlds".

I eventually came up with a world of floating islands. I tried using Play Canvas (I had read a bunch of documentation and made a dumb little thing before the competition with PlayCanvas and some old assets I had from previous experiments) but after 24 hours I realized that I didn't have the velocity with the framework to produce something worthwhile in the remaining time... so I decided to take a break for a few hours, got some sleep...

... then thought about what assets I had made... nothing much really, I modeled the creepy red dude  while spun out before I got any sleep and some floating islands right at the beginning:

but stopped once I realized only one animation imported at a time for the player character... I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to program a 3rd person camera after having trouble with a FPS camera (the mouse kept hitting the edge of the screen and everything stopped...)

This is what I had using play canvas when I was about to give up.

So... what could I do with this in the remaining time...

And I saw a bowling like game where the little creepy red guys would walk down and the player would just lob cannon balls down.  I could make it fit the theme by claiming the hall was connecting our world to hell... and the creepy red guys were DEMON BABIES... hence:


Blender game engine was great, relatively straight forward system of sensors, controllers and actuators... and you get to use python!  Trying to edit in blender was a bit of a pain though, as where your mouse is hovering determines the active panel (grr.)

But I was happy to have produced an entry after almost giving up.

#bge #blender #ld30 #ld48 #playcanvas