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Update, trading options full force now


It's been a while.

I haven't stopped studying, trading and experimenting.  I took a break for a few months waiting for Tasty Works[referal link] to come online.  I never had naked options selling capability which has really been a limiting factor (in more ways than one).  I have been experimenting with new strategies and have found pretty good success (minus some bear vertical call spreads which are looking like they're going to be slaughtered, I had a BABA spread that I closed today (expiration) that didn't quite make it.

Anyway, it finally feels like things are "clicking" now that I have all the tools at my disposal, as well as the low commission fee structure ($1.00/contract opening trade with options, and free to close) -- I had probably close to 300 occurances since the beginning of March, so there's a bit of a drag.

I've also been watching a lot of Tasty Trade programming, almost a full month now and I've learned to enjoy it quite a bit.  Educational for all levels of traders, plentiful banter and every so often an interesting trade idea.

I hope to continue my education and continue trading what works, and trading it well, maybe I can actually "make it" and bootstrap to grander things!

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